Software Development

Software Development is a set of activities dedicated to creating, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and maintaining applications, frameworks, and other software components. Software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modifications, software engineering, maintenance, or any other software product or application activities.

We can integrate new solutions to your ecosystem throguh APIs. Therefore, your Data Science or Machine Learning project can be connected to your systems using controlled and secure APIs. Your new addition will be unobstructed and smooth with high impact.

Mobile Apps
Interactive Dashboard
Mobile Web Data Science Machine Learning

You can empower your entire team with data insights in real-time, cloud-based dashboards.

We will develop interactive dashboards integrating to your own ecosystem and, if apply, connected to your Data Sciende or Machine Learning project through appropiate APIs.

Sample: Law Enforcement Data Dashboard for Boulder County, Colorado - USA.
Boulder Dashboard
Mobile Apps
Mobile App - Design and Development
Mobile App Web

We design and develop mobile apps in a reasonable cost-effective manner with a timely delivery. If possible, we encorage to take the advantage of the cross platform framework, under this technology we can build native solution for Android and iOS planforms at the same time.

There are a lot of moving part to make your mobile app up and running, a mobile app may need database, user autentification, geolocation, etc. We take care of all of them.

How do you think that having a custom-made mobile app can improve your business?

Contact us to see how you can have a solution, specially made for your organization.

Group Management
Arena: Group Management Mobile App
Group Management Mobile App

Communication among social groups can be a real challenge.

Keeping important information at hand when needed instead of getting lost in thread of thank you or other less relevant comments.

Receiving tons of messages in the middle of a meeting from a group that is important to be connected with, but the message may not be relevant, in fact it might be time consuming and the distraction is useless. Our app is available on any mobile device, we built using cross platform framework.
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We are experts in the most important frameworks and libraries to build your solution, we optimize your cost/benefit

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